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We have watched again and again major local and foreign companies use wrong or ineffective branding, product mix, advertising, etc. It's often hard to see the whole picture from the boardroom, from the inside out. As outsiders, we can often have a better overall perspective of a company or one of its divisions. We can look at its strategy as a whole and without any bias could provide our opinions. Inside managers may be blind to certain problems, emotionally involved, or just unable to see things from some of the angles that we can. We could also recommend solutions and could help the management in accomplishing them. We do realize that we don't have the inside information that the insiders have; still our point of view, which would be from a different perspective, could prove to be extremely valuable, cost effective and could bring significant profits to your company.


Internet Marketing Strategies And PR Work

Internet marketing has become extremely powerful and cost effective vehicle to promote products, brands, and companies. While some corporations have been very successful in using this marketing channel, others have not used it effectively. Some have even been known to be sitting on the sidelines, often laughing at their competitors' efforts, only to be later unpleasantly surprised, at some trade show, how large are the crowds at the stand of their "unimportant" competition.


Branding And Image Strategies

If a corporation slows down in their efforts of building up its image as much as possible, if it loses its focus and instead concentrates purely on short term profits, the long term profit-picture will naturally suffer. Unfortunately we see this happen all the time. Many corporations also fail to realize importance of a multi-brand strategy and that more brands are needed if image of one brand affects negatively the image of another one.


        At other times they fail to build up brand's image sufficiently and as a result it eventually performs poorly or fails in the marketplace, often after being a profit-loser for years.



We can evaluate TV ads and ad campaigns overall and make suggestions on improvements, or on totally different approaches and concepts. 


Hypnosis, Supraliminal And Subliminal Messaging In Advertising

Wherever and whenever it's legal and ethical, we must take full advantage of the subconscious mind of our audiences and reinforce our conscious efforts on the powerful subconscious level by introducing special positive messages. Overall this strategy leads to a more efficient, more powerful advertising and to faster and better brand or product image building. A truly hypnotic memorable ad with supraliminal and subliminal messaging, used when and where its legal, can become a very effective cost-efficient "promotional super vehicle".



No matter if you are a startup or a large corporation, there may be areas where we could help. If you are a high tech manufacturer making private label products, maybe it's time to develop your own brand or brands and to make them so successful that eventually you will need others to supply private label products to you. If you are a company, which needs to develop markets or to increase market share, particularly in North America or Eastern Europe, and especially if your product line falls into areas we are familiar with, we would probably truly enjoy working with you. 

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