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Film- and Video-Making Assistance

We are currently co-producing or participating in a variety of ways on a number of feature and documentary film productions, are involved in video presentations, commercials, and TV films. We always prefer to participate in a production right at the start of the preproduction stage and be involved in all phases through postproduction and distribution. If nothing else, we can at least bring in an independent critical viewpoint throughout the process; if asked so, we can take over any part of the production process, critique the director's vision, participate in the director's selection, assist with story editing, advise on merits and type of digital film production, 3D, etc.

If we participate in your advertising campaign, we can act as a sole producer of your TV ads, promotional videos, etc.


Making Films For US Markets

There are many excellent filmmakers in Europe and many excellent European, non-English-language productions originate here. Still many films of a lot lower quality, made by worse filmmakers in the US, are much better candidates to be a lot more financially successful. The economic law of comparative advantages does not apply here well. Other factors come to play. We could be of assistance to the foreign filmmakers and producers in

  • creating films that would be better marketable in the US
  • creating successful marketing of new and existing foreign films in the US, even old ones that so far had no US distribution at all

There is a hungry audience for many of these foreign films, an audience, which is tired of the stuff Hollywood is flooding the market with. One needs to know how to effectively reach this audience. 


Making US Films in Eastern Europe

We are quite familiar and at home in this part of the world and can be of assistance in making film and other productions smoother and more efficient, can even help in setting up production companies and studios here.


Our Own Digital Cinema & Video Productions

Not only we participate in film and video productions, we also do them independently. We handle the whole process, from preproduction to postproduction: Story editing, location scouting, casting; directing documents, commercials, music and corporate videos, use of HD and 3D equipment, etc.


Culture And Media Power

One must realize the role of media in creation and promotion of cultural awareness. Film and TV programming play a crucial role in our understanding and appreciation of other cultures, in learning from them, and in teaching them. Film is one of the most powerful media in promotion of a country, a nation, political movement, environmental cause, etc. Many states have learned how to promote a positive image of its people and culture with the use of film. Others states are great at destroying the good image they have.



Hypnosis In A Film

Majority of well made films should bring most audience into a hypnotic, highly enjoyable state. When a sequence is made, these people are then more likely to see it. So hypnosis, and often also (where legal) supraliminal and subliminal messaging, can translate to a significant profit increase. Film is given as an example here. A well made one takes advantage of hypnosis even throughout the titles. Hypnotizing effect is naturally much harder to achieve in shorter content, like a commercial.  


Our Viewpoint On Making A Successful Film

There are exceptions to the rule, but here's what we view as being very important for most film productions:

  • A good film should hypnotize the audience. It must be dynamic, optimally scored, and made in a way that the audience is totally immersed in the action. The audience should experience deep emotions. A film must be memorable throughout, including the titles. Photography must be artistic and there is no need to use words, where a picture, or a well scored picture, can relay the message in a more powerful way. 
  • When we write a screenplay, we get the subconscious mind take over. Just as one can experience a film best on the hypnotic subconscious level, a writer should go into this highly creative state when he writes a script. He should be able to go in and out of this state quite easily.
  • Feature film is a commercial product and as such the major concern should be to make the most profit, while at the same time it is necessary to create a positive PR for the studio, and also prepare the audience for a sequel. The film must pre-sell the sequel. When making a movie, a sequel must always be kept in mind. Both the director and the writer, no matter how good and independent they are, must not be able to impose a different direction to this philosophy.
  • If we would be looking at film as fine art only and something that does not have to be profitable, it would be a totally unacceptable business philosophy. Feature film is a commercial art and is too expensive to make. If one wants to create art for art's sake, he or she should concentrate on much less expensive art forms. Both the writer and the director must buy to this philosophy.
  • When making a movie, we must be conscious of the critics and the way they view film; we must keep in mind their often literary background and the way they examine a motion picture when they analyze it. They do not always necessarily understand well enough that film is an audio-visual art form and as such is much different from the literary arts, where one's subconscious creates its own audio-visuals; these are always present, but in a movie this process is totally different.
  • One must realize power of a politically correct film in regards to how critics and media see it. We must balance this reality with how the audience looks at it and what it means for the short and long term profits. One must examine the long term effect on the studio and marketability of their future products in this respect.
  • We've reviewed films, for the people who finance them, in order to help determine market success, in order to see, if a different cut is needed, etc. We are pretty good in seeing both the artistic and the commercial value, are also able to see if a better way exists to create a motion picture, can determine if the director's vision is optimal, or if a different director should be used.
Fine Art Fine Tuned To Fine Profits


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