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  • Expanding Secondary And Postsecondary Programs: Both the European and the American educational systems have its merits; naturally when it comes to secondary schools though, most of Europe's (and Asia's) schools have a great advantage. Still schools on all continents normally benefit from adding elements from different educational system. School accreditation in more than one country may also be desirable.
  • Business Education: Postsecondary business education in some parts of the world, in Eastern Europe particularly, has in the past lagged in quality behind the US. It is necessary for all business schools to create realistic practical programs that prepare students, in the best possible way, for the time they enter the work force. 
  • Marketing European Programs To The US: Many of the European and Asian secondary educational programs are superior to the ones that Americans have. Many US parents would much rather see their children in a lot stricter schools. As a result, it is not that hard to enter the US educational marketplace with foreign programs. There are many exceptional schools in Europe that Americans are not aware of. If they would be aware of them, a lot more Americans would study overseas. 


  • Marketing US Programs for Eastern Europe And Other Countries: The US educational marketplace is extremely competitive. One way to improve profits could be to expand overseas. Unfortunately most schools have no experience doing this this. 
  • English As A Foreign Language: There are number of ways to teach foreigners English. Different student groups benefit from different approaches. Although some of the programs that are used in the US are exceptional, most are inefficient or plain mediocre. The exceptional programs have simple adaptable elements that can be used in foreign countries. Unfortunately, if the Department Of Education in a certain Eastern European country is unable to provide teachers with English instructions and materials of a decent quality, how can we expect these teachers to do any better for their students? Although quality of English education in many foreign schools - secondary, postsecondary, and language schools - is quite low, a number of problems can be quickly and efficiently overcome.

We are here to work with you on efficient real-world solutions in order to help you make your educational programs better and more profitable. 


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