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Political Reality

Any party must be fully aware of the political environment in which it operates and of the ideological boundaries that are imposed on it. There is usually only a limited amount of political space, within which it can function effectively. Sometimes it is better to work within this space, which the establishment allows. At other times it is more beneficial to break from it and form a wide movement that will allow future expansion of the current political limits. Still one can't go to any extremes. The political space differs from country to country and changes with time. We must be very aware where the political trend, and together with it the boundaries, are heading in the future. 


Building Up A Political Platform

We've seen various fancy political platforms described on websites of different parties. They are usually too complex and too long for most potential voters to bother with. Political platform must be attractive and simple. A party must communicate primarily the points, which are popular with its own voters and which attract new members who are dissatisfied with their political competition. There should not be more than a dozen or so, preferably not more than half a dozen, main points - with short explanations - in the platform. This is all what needs to be promoted. When creating a political platform, one must not concentrate so much on political ideals, but must primarily see what would increase the constituency and power base the most.



Campaigning And Building of Personal Political Image

New political leaders must be as much free of blemishes as possible and certainly must not have any skeletons in their closets. Their image, as well as their ability to excite and lead, are naturally extremely important. They must realize that the election campaign does not start before elections and ends with elections. It must never stop, only the intensity needs to vary.


Marketing A Political Party

One must fully realize that the competition is tough and rough. One must have an edge on them! Naturally an established party needs to take a totally different approach in their promotion than an upcoming one. One of the most important aspects a smaller party must have is a good, easily recognizable name. Same goes for their Internet domain. This is the start! Interactive, well done website is a must! Members must all work in promoting the party as much as they can and as effectively as possible. The image of the party, the image of the leadership, the political platform, it must all work in synergy. Media must be courted. PR work must go hand in hand with marketing. A new political movement must be popular and must start with attracting people, who are disgusted with politics of other parties.


Our Limits

We will not work with any radical movements that are not democratic in nature, do not support a free enterprise system and equal opportunities for all. 


Better Campaign Management


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